Why is Medical Research Important?

The definition of research is not as simple as many may think especially when it comes to medical research. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule and the Common Rule both describe research as an act of investigation which can include research development, testing and evaluation that provides knowledge and contributes to factors that affect health. Both biomedical research and experimental research are known as medical research which in turn can be split into two categories; the first being clinical trials which evaluates new treatments to check for their safety and how they perform and secondly research into development for new treatments.

Medical Research

Dr Medical ResearchThe discovery of DNA structure around 1953 brought about completely new attitude to understanding medical problems. Before this time it was believed that people became ill because of external factors such as disease and bacteria, it wasn’t until DNA was examined and understood that it come to light that internal properties could be the cause of illness. Without such research such things would not come to light. Medical research is one of the most important human discoveries that has ever come to light and is considered by society as of up most important for human health.

Such research is needed so that medical professionals can look at how diseases develop and come about, who are more likely to obtain such illnesses and what risk factors they can cause. Without such research and investigation it would be very difficult to know the structure and elements of such diseases if there was little or no information and knowledge about them. Research goes even further though, it is all good and well knowing details of diseases but it is vital to know how to treat them aswell and even more important how to prevent actual diseases altogether.

Without advances in health research and medicine people’s health would largely suffer, such research has had a massive impact on human health and longevity. Medical treatment and intervention is ever changing and for the best, it is constantly evolving to better the practice of medicine to contribute greatly to human health.

People largely benefit from the research that has been carried out and that continues to be carried out on a daily basis. Medical treatment has come along way in decades but still there are things that remain uncertain. Healthcare professionals undoubtedly have enormous amount of knowledge when it comes to medicine and medics but there are still gaps to fill in and it is up to these professional to find the answers and the best way to is to do research. Research helps to improve care, treatment and patients quality of life service along with avoidable early death.

The success of such research is observed on a daily basis when people suffering from diseases and illness are helped. Health care professionals who deal with certain diseases are usually those who conduct the research for the benefit of those patients they are treating or they may need to treat in the future. Health care professionals often dedicate their life to their work and to ensuring a healthy future.

You can also visit other medical research websites including www.mrc.ac.uk/index.htm UK government group which aims to improve medical health by promoting research into all areas of medical and science.